Shyness keeps getting in the way of your achieving what you really want in life?  That is why I created Confidence Coaching. I know because I used to be shy but I’m not anymore.

I used to feel awkward and insecure in social situations. I was always over thinking about who to speak to and what to say and what would they think about me? Would they like me? Sound familiar?

Then something happened that made me overcome it. I received a copy of “The Journey” by Brandon Bays. I devoured it and felt excited by the possibilities. My life changed when I attended my first Journey Intensive. I fell in love with the work and became an Accredited Journey Practitioner. Although I kept getting more comfortable in social situations I still kept getting the butterflies.

And then one day…I was asked to speak at a conference. I walked up to the podium and the unbelievable happened. I felt a barrier fall away and I could stand and speak to a group of people without fear. Since then, I have been speaking frequently, running classes and networking.

Occasionally, the awkwardness comes back, but it’s not a barrier – it’s a small voice that I can accept without it stopping me.

I work with women who lack self-confidence, are shy, or introverted and feel left out socially or passed over professionally. I will coach you to overcome feelings of anxiety and awkwardness and feel more secure and confident, to express yourself more and participate more actively in life and the events happening around you.

My coaching is uniquely tailored to you and your challenges in life. We will work together to identify the areas where you feel blocked or stuck. We will work step by step to gently release these blocks or barriers to enable healing to take place. You will emerge from our sessions with more self-esteem and self-confidence to face your social and business opportunities successfully!

You can feel more secure and confident. Feel freer to date and have more friends! Stand up for yourself and feel poised in business situations! Contact me here.