I was married in my twenties and divorced two years later because it just didn’t work for us. I went out with a lot of guys and even had some long-term relationships but failed to find someone who wanted to get married. And I wanted to be married!

I felt stuck. I had been looking for fifteen years! At the same time, I had begun moving in the direction of deeper spirituality, searching for the truth for my life. This led me to Jerusalem at the tender age of 40 to spend a year learning and to be open to whatever Life or Grace or (dare I say) G-d wanted for me. (For the full story, see download on right and you will get a copy of my free ebook, Five Steps for Getting Married the Second Time Around.)

I was put to the test in the rarified atmosphere of Jerusalem and continued to evolve spiritually and socially. Although it was not always easy, I eventually met and married my current husband, with whom I had twins and have shared 18 years of marriage.

I believe that my calling is to help other women over-40 to marry or remarry by helping them to clarify what they want, to clear away all internal obstacles to their achieving this goal and to provide support every step of the way. I also work with women who are getting divorced who want to remarry as well as helping the newlywed to deal with her new situation of being married.

If any of this speaks to you, I can help! Contact me here.