After being diagnosed with malignant thyroid cells for a third time and after undergoing two operations – with HASHEM’S help you took me on a fantastic voyage to my inner self and led me to finding the healing source within me. You taught me how to remove the pain and memory that was causing my sickness. With your caring guidance I was able to access my highest connection with G-D, so that the over previous 10 months of my life HE has stopped any further growth of those nasty cells and I have been able to realize fantastic changes in my outlook on life. Your gift is definitely a blessing from Heaven. SYE

Before we started working together, I was painfully shy. I was so shy that I would trip over myself at every social occasion and I would feel like I just want to hide under a rock most of the time. I still remember how that felt… I’m no longer afraid of groups. I’m not afraid of speaking in public. I’m not afraid of presenting my professional work and shining in what I offer so that people can get to know the gifts that I can provide and share with them. That’s something I could never have done before working with you. I just came out of my shell. CW

Meira has helped me to focus on what I really want from my life.  She has given me the tools to focus on my strengths in order to achieve my goals. She has also helped me to look forward and to let go of the past in a safe and comfortable environment. CL

I had been feeling so depressed, so hopeless, so anxious after my marriage fell apart! Since working with Meira, I have released the pain. I now have hope for a true and joyous marriage—and a family! Blessings! BC

Being a very spiritual person with a very strong connection with The One Above, I worked with Meira to clean out all the negativity that was tangled deep inside of me like a knotted ball of yarn. Meira was the perfect person to help me do this work. Being a spiritual person herself, she was capable of helping me draw the most painful issues, memories, out into the open in her soft reassuring manner. I am so thankful for having had the opportunity to do this work with Meira. TD

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